Who We Are


A Healthy Gift With A Quality Taste

Moroccan Olive Oil, is a family-owned Nashville, Tennessee based business that has been around for more than 13 decades. We began with a passion and love in late 1887 to establish ourselves as a bridge between thousands of consumers to provide the world’s best, freshest, and natural olive oil and charcoal products delivered conveniently at the doorstep.

Freshly Produced

Scientific studies have also shown that olive is one of the natural remedies for cell oxidation.The olive oils and charcoal products we sell at our store have been carefully chosen after a top-tier and competent level of integrated production along with the outstanding all-natural flavors and aromas to ensure only the best quality products for end-users.

Only Natural Olive Oils
Can Build Perceptions

Here at ‘Moroccan Olive Oil’, we provide you with exhaustive information about the best olive oils in the world so you can select the perfect oil to suit your needs. We are not just another online retailer. Our platform lets beginners and critics alike widen their knowledge and taste perceptions by using our products.

Why is Olivette

Olivette is the only briquette that derives from a noble living being such as the olive tree. It is organically certified and organically produced with no chemical additions at all. Unlike other common coal and charcoal briquettes, Olivette does not cause smoke when burning therefore it does not release toxic substances (like HCA’s and PAH’s).