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Chasing Perfection For Decades

Moroccan Olive Oil is 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil derived from Atlas.

Atlas began with a passion and love for oils in 1887, and has continued for over four generations. Atlas began to establish themselves as a bridge between thousands of consumers to provide the world’s best, freshest, and natural olive oil and charcoal products delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

The olive oils and charcoal products we sell have been carefully chosen from a top-tier and competent level of integrated production along with the most outstanding, all-natural flavors and aromas to ensure only the best quality products.

Health & Taste In One Platter

Add More Fun In Food

Extra Virgin olive oil is the best oil for all cooking purposes. It invites a very welcoming flair to your feast like bitesize meatballs, roasted veggies, roasted chicken, baked cakes, capturing the essence of natural flavors. It pours out the pleasure in the taste and retains beneficial qualities in the final product preventing the rise of unsafe cholesterol. Olive oils add a change of mouth-feel to the food that most people find pleasant and that’s why maximum of the chefs prefer to end cooking with an olive oil touch.

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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

Experts in nutrition and cooking agree that olive oil is one of the healthiest and most versatile oils to use and consume, specifically extra virgin olive oil. It is indeed a very nutritious oil. In addition to its beneficial fatty acids, olive oil also contains vitamin K and E. Although extra virgin olive oils protect against heart disease and prevent strokes. In extra virgin olive oil, the smoke point ranges between 374°F and 405°F (190°C to 207°C). As a result, it is suitable for most cooking methods while being friendly with your taste sense.

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Briquette You Need
Without Chemicals

Must Try

Just open the bag and light the charcoal briquettes that are eco-friendly and made with 100% recycled material. You don’t need to use firelighters and flammable liquids, these charcoal briquettes light instantly and will not taint your food. Perfect and reliable for a BBQ food party that will never add a chemical flavor to your grill and food.

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Best In Healthy
Cooking Oils?

Only Atlas Olive Oil

We carefully handpicked the olives to provide a fresh, all-natural, and affordable Atlas virgin olive oil 1-liter bottle. Considering extra care, ‘Moroccon Olive Oil’ follows a procedure that guarantees a stellar quality product that never fades the original taste for all types of meals and is meant for a healthy heart as well.

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Full Of Life
Les Terroirs De Marrakech

Olive Oil For Everyone

To add a refined touch to simplest dishes, buy Les terroirs de Marrakech 500ml extra virgin oil. Consumers prefer to buy Les terroirs de Marrakech extra virgin olive oil to add richness to their culinary creativity. This smooth flavor cooking oil has a range of healthy nutrients that can do wonders for your appetite along with keeping you fit and healthy.

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Softer & Fruity
Desert Miracle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Freshly harvested Atlas Olive Oils is the best desert miracle extra virgin olive oil guarantees you a highly flavorful experience with health guaranteed. ‘Moroccon Olive Oil’ ensures to serve with an exceptionally well-balanced and clear hint of fruitiness combined with a distinctive peppery finish. Add it with fresh or cooked vegetables, meat, salads, fish, poultry, beans, pasta, or all combined.

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